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work off售出;清理,排除;渐渐地清除;冒充 aerially 空想地;在空中;象空气一样

Back Off Bitch歌手:Guns N' RosesBack OFF BitchOh baby pretty babyOh honey you let me down honeyI ain't playin' childhood gamesno moreI said it's time for meto even the scoreSo stake your claim,your claim to fameBut baby call another

the world without播放歌手:a fine frenzy语言:英语it must be written that the moon elbowed the stars and said let's do our best to make it hard for them your house turned into paper cranes we watched the wind blow them away some sorry comfort i be a Dead Sea Fruit.直译:死海之果,意译:镜花水月 run you off your legs 疲于奔命or 跑断腿 be like a tiger whose backside no one dares to touch老虎屁股摸不得 pass one's life in a good-for-nothing way碌碌无为,虚度一生,虚掷光阴

英 [sm] 美 [sm] adj. 一些; 某个; 大约; 相当多的 pron. 一些; 若干; 其中的一部分; (数量不确切时用)有些人 adv. 非常; 相当; <美>稍微 网 络 一些;几;些;某些1. I don't want to make an accusation until I have some proof. 我要

Hey Porsche - NellyHey my Porsche, I wanna try ya我的保时捷,我想试驾一下Crazy baby girl, there ain't nothing like you疯狂宝贝妞,你举世无双Hey little Porsche, so right I had to get ya娇小的保时捷,我一定要得到你B-b-back it up, let's roll,

You will have a pay back for your hard work.

booty music - deep side

1. Do you often go to the __cinema__ for a film? 2. Mount __Qomolangma__ is the highest mountain in the world, 3. Wake_____ up, Tom! It's nearly 8.00. 4. Peninsula__Ocean is the biggest and deepest o

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