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thEy hAD just movED in

had=have 的过去式和过去分词 首先,先弄清:1,they had就等于是they have 的过去式2,they have had等于 p.p(present participle现在分词)现在完成的用法3.而在这个情况,they had had就是代表 past participle 过去分词(过去完成式)的用法.




1、名词翻译:n. 盲人;借口;百叶窗.2、副词翻译:adv.盲目地;看不见地.3、动词翻译:v. 使看不见;蒙蔽,使失去理智;使变暗.4、读音:英 [bland] 美 [bland].5、动词过去式:blinded.6、动词过去分词:blinded.7、动词现在

新视野大学英语第二版第四单元A text of true love原文及中文翻译 Passage A A Test ofTrue Love Six minutes to six, said the digital clock over the information desk in GrandCentral Station.John Blandford, a tall young armyofficer, focused his

NARRATOR Now ladies and gentlemen , you're about to hear the most incredible tale. It is the summer of 1903, and Henry Adams, an American business, has had some very bad luck. He is lost in London. He has no money and does not know

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Lesson 20: One man in a boat独坐孤舟First listen and then answer the question.听录 he has just bought a new house in the city, but ever since he moved in, he has had

Key to Summary writing The Lancaster bomber was not too badly damaged when it The French authorities had the plane packaged and moved in parts back to France, | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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