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take these letters over to the post office.把这些信送到对面邮局去.

1. 接收,接管;接任;接办: He will take over Class 9801 next week. 下星期他将接管 9801 班. Johnson took over the chairmanship of the committee yesterday. 约翰逊昨天接任委员会主席一职. 2. 把…从一地带到(或运送到)另一地,把…

Tony Blair will put pressure on the Iraqi government today to demonstrate that its security forces will be ready to take over from the British army in southern provinces within roughly a year. 托尼.布莱尔今天将给伊拉克政府施加压力,以此要求伊拉克

take over 接管; 带; 帮…学习; 在…上花费 take over from 接班 take over control 接管 中文释义:动词 1.占上风;取而代之2.接替;接管;接手;接任3.控制,接管(政党、国家等)4.接收,接管(企业、公司等,尢指通过购买股份) 同义词:accept,assume,bear;adopt,borrow,take up;buy out,buy up;arrogate,assume,seize,usurp;relieve;repeat;adopt,assume,take on;absorb.

take over 接管;接收 take up 拿起;开始从事

take over意思是接管;带;帮…学习;在…上花费 英 [teik uv] 美 [tek ov] 一、接收,接管(公司) A British newspaper says British Airways plan to take over Trans World Airways.一家英国报纸称,英国航空公司计划接管环球航空公司

take away from 英[teik wei frm] 美[tek we frm] v. 减损;夺去 [例句]what can 't people take away from you?什么东西别人不能从你这里拿走?

take over 接管; 接替 The strikers took over the factories. 罢工工人接管了工厂. 带, 领…到另一地 He took us over to the window. 他带我们到窗户旁. 在…上花费 I have taken two years over this book. 我花了两年写这本书. 帮…学习 He took me over my lines. 他帮我练习台词. 领(某人)参观 He will take the visitors over these rooms. 他要带我们参观这些屋子.

have是动词,用作谓语动词是“有”;也可以是助动词,所谓助动词:就是起帮助作用的词.如:可以用have加过去分词构成现在完成时.如:I have a book. Have they been here yet?with意思是:1、用.2、随身携带.3、和在一起,等多个

To come back from the United States after he took over his father's restaurant, for the elderly at an advanced age, can not afford to re-operate any longer. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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