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tAkE out oF造句

take……out of 造句回答:He is taking his books out of his schoolbag.

如何用 take sth out of 造句 5句!快out of my account without my knowledge.现金从我帐户中取出来连我都不知道。take out of sth.的含义是除去某物。例句:take

【take……outof造句不要ing形式!例:Studentsmustn'tHe is taking his books out of his schoolbag.

怎么用takeout造句?简单一点的.take out的意思不止一个,因此例句也有不少:① 取出 (to extract; remove)He plans to

takeout和takeoutof是一样的吗take out v.拿出,取出,去掉,出发,取得,扣除,抵充,发泄 ,筋疲力尽take out of 取出,除去

a take b out of sw造句B)take out 1.取出 The doctor has taken my bad tooth out.医生已拔掉了我的坏牙.2.扣除;除去 The train fare has already

2.leave out怎么造句 3.take out of 怎么造句 4.add**1.rain为动词。 2.leave out忽略 Don't leave out any necessary information on your application. 3. take out of

用let's ……take out of……造句Let's to decide how much money you have take out of your bank. 让我们来决定你需要从银行拿多少钱出来。

关于take的所有短语,以及用法,造句用法: 短语: take after 1. 仿效:将…作为榜样跟随 2. 相象:在相貌、脾气或性格上相似 take apart 1. 拆开:分开后 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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