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take apart 拆开,拆卸 1. How dare you take apart my letter? 你怎么敢拆开我的信? 来自辞典例句 2. You know how to take apart a gun and put it back together? 你知道如何拆枪,然后再把它装到一起吗? 来自电影对白 3. Take apart the pieces

take apart1.拆开;拆卸(机器等);使…分开:The workers took the engine apart.工人们将引擎拆开了.2.猛烈抨击;尖锐批评…;将…驳得体无完肤;对…挑剔:Her new novel was taken apart by reviewers.她新出的小

take apartKK: [ ]DJ: [ ]1. 拆卸,拆开The machine has already been taken apart.机器已被拆开.

set apart 是区别 Hustling sets good athletes apart from the rest.拼博使好运动员与其他人区分开来.take apart是拆开,拆坏 Little boys often take apart their small toys.小男孩子经常把他们的小玩具拆坏.

take apart1 拆开,拆卸When the clock stopped, he took it apart, found what was wrong, and put the whole thing together again.= dismantle2 剖析They will take that problem apart and analyze it in great detailHe proceeds to take apart every preconception anyone might have ever had about him.


动词词组 拆开,拆卸,分辨

take part 参加,直接用,后不接宾语;take part in+活动,参加活动;take a +adj.+part in,如take an active part in;play a part 起到作用,扮演一个角色;play a part in在中起到作用,在中扮演角色 .没有take a part和take a part in.

take apart意为拆那么take apart of(sth)就是拆卸某物了咯~

pull down 是毁损,拆毁take apart 只是拆开拆卸

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