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tAkE AFtEr造句简单

She takes after her mother almost in everything.她几乎与她母亲一模一样.

You really take after your mother. 你长得真像你母亲.

是介词,代词不加在take 和after 中间:look after him

take after: He takes after his father in mathematical ability. 他数学方面的才能像他父亲. He takes after his father. 他长得像他父亲. give out: The teacher gave out the examination papers. 教师发了考卷. Our food supply has given out. 我们的食物耗尽了.

1. You must take after the best example. 你应该学习最好的榜样. 2. He'd got a way of his own and I tend to take after him. 他有自己的一套方式,我想效仿他. 3 Your son doesn't take after you in any way. 你的儿子一点也不像你. She'd do anything for a bit of pin money. 为了挣点外快,她什么都肯做.I spent lots of money on smart new outfits for work. 我花大笔钱购置了上班时穿的漂亮新套装.

she takes after her mother 她长得像母亲很高兴为你解答满意望采纳

we have run out of all the money.我们已经用光了所有的钱 She took after her mother almost in everything. 她几乎与她母亲一模一样.

The girl spent all her spare time to take after her invalid mother.这个女孩把她所有的业余时间都用来照顾长期生病的母亲.The patient can be fixed up这个病人能被治愈His red face gave him away他那涨红的脸出卖了他.

his eyes take after his father. 望采纳啦

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