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MY TEACHERMy former teacher,who had taught me English for six years,is a woman in her sixties.I describe her as a "woman" at her age because in my mind's eye,she never loses her attraction in fashions

首先Summary的写作应该分为以下6步:①分段阅读 首先,我们需要对整篇文章浏览一次,根据文中的标题、副标题等分段阅读.②重读 主动阅读文章,并把主题句、关键句以及对写作summary有用的信息标记出来.③概括 在明确了每个分段

新概念第二册第73课summary writing参考范文 第73课A boy who played truant traveled 1,600 miles.He hitchhiked to Dover where he slept in a boat,only to find himself in

只做过一部分,看看吧 Lesson 33 Out of the darkness The girl set out from the coast one afternoon and was caught in a storm.Her boat struck a rock,so she jumped into the sea.She swam eight miles that night.She reached the shore early next

The ST.Bernard's Pass is visited by thousands of people in summer,who cross the pass in cars.Because they are so many people about,the dogs are kept in a special enclosure.As the temperature in winter

Summary Writing(I) The Importance of Summary Writing(I) In our electronic age,there is a big bang of information.It would be impossible and not necessary for any human

we all have experienced days when everythings goes wrong. a day may beins well enough, but suddenly everything seems to get out of control. what invariably happens is that a great number of things choose to go wrong at pricisely at the same

postcards always spoil the writer's holiday. he spent his holiday in italy last summer. he thought about postcards every day. but he didn't send any cards to his friends. he brough thirty-seven cards on the last day. and he stayed in his room all day, but he didn't write any cards.

The archaeologists found clay fragment in the most scared room of a temple.Each of them represented a goddess and was painted once.The body of one statue was found among the fifteenth century B.C.but

The aristocrat was sitting in his cell when the gaoler entered and handed him the letter-----a blank sheet of paper. The aristocrat looked at it,squinted and said:'the light is dim.Read me the letter.'He handed the letter back to the gaoler,who said:'The | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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