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i sometimes wacth tv at night we sometimes go to restaurant to eat

Sometimes, I go to the shopping mall just for a walk.

1.Some times I feel very lone.2.At my spare time,Some times I dress nice , and go to disco with some frieds.3.I often go to shopping with some close friends, but some times, I rather like stay at home to sleep than go out.

1She comes to visit us sometimes. 她有时来访问我们. 2I met him sometime last month. 我在上个月的某个时候碰见过他. 3 This meat takes some time to brown properly when cooking. 这种肉要花点时间才能煮成恰到好处的褐色 4My uncle has been to London some times. 我叔叔已经去伦敦好几次了

I went the wrong direction at the cross for some times last year.去年在这个路口多次走错 或I've made the wrong direction at the cross . . .since I came here. This pen is some times the price of than that one. 几倍的价格

some time(一段时间)不同于some times(几次) / sometime (某个时间)/ sometimes(有时候) 它一般由for来引导.例如:”I will stay at home for some time next week.“ ”下周我将会在家待一段时间.“ 【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

I sometimes read books on weekends

some time(一段时间)不同于some times(几次) / sometime (某个时间)/ sometimes(有时候)它一般由for来引导.例如:”I will stay at home for some time next week.“”下周我将会在家待一段时间.“【公益慈善翻译团】真诚为您解答!

1)some time是名词短语,它的意思是“一段时间”.She's been ailing for some time.她身体不适已有一段时间了It took me some time to digest what I had heard.我花了一些时

some time应译为一些时间SENTENCE:I need some time to finish these tasks.译为:我需要一些时间来完成这些工作.

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