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说你爱我 这就是它的意思,希望我的回答楼主能满意.


说你爱我,说你在乎. 的意思

字面意思 说说说 你爱我

歌词原文:oh darling, when i met you i know you're the one for me there you are, smiling sweetly and you swept me off my feet and i hope, hope that i will always have you as my girl so say you'll stay here and that you'll never ever gonna leave me

Don't say you love me.不要说你爱我.loven. 恋爱;亲爱的;酷爱;喜爱的事物;爱情,爱意;疼爱;热爱;爱人,所爱之物v. 爱,热爱;爱戴;赞美,称赞;喜爱;喜好;喜欢;爱慕

josh groban - when you say you love melike the sound of silence callingi hear your voice and suddenlyim fallinglost in a dreamlike the echoes of our souls are meetingyou say those wordsmy heart stops beatingi wonder what it meanswhat could it

歌词如下: Don't you know that I want to be more than just your friend 你知道我不想只成为你的朋友 Holding hands is fine 牵手是美好的事 But I got better things on my mind 但我脑海幻想着更多 you know it could happen 你知道它会发生 If you

my baby say you love me我的宝贝,说你爱我~

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