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pinpoint和FigurE out区别

figure n. 外形, 轮廓; 体形; 隐约可见的人[物]影; 身体与物体平面面积 画像, 塑像 图形[案]; 插图; 图表 形象; 人物; 身分; 地位 (计算中用的)数字; 符号; 数值; 位数; [pl. ]计算, 算术; (几何)图形 修辞手段, 修辞格;【逻】

work out 很多时候是说解决掉,通过努力做出, 而且还有用完,消耗玩的意思. 其他方面和figure out基本可以混用.比如弄明白,弄懂等意思.figure out更有想明白的意思.work out更多是尝试作出.


. Wind direction can be identified so that a good rudder After the three subjects of a tree, but also to participate in the candidate, won a county magistrate in Shandong county jobs. The first boss to pay a formal visit, could not think what to say. ~ Will

get turough 有搞清楚,读完了的意思 这个句子的主要意思是很难理解作者的意图并不是仅仅的读完.look through 在这就是浏览的意思 再看看别人怎么说的.

make out -----see sth clearly (强调视觉上的)例句 i can't make out what is written on the blackboard. i am standing too far from it. figure out ------understand (强调思维上的)例句 can you figure out what his report means?

1.If you find something out, you learn something that you did not already know, especially by making a deliberate effort to do so.2.If you figure out a solution to a problem or the reason for something, you succeed in solving it or understanding it. 3.If

make out 书写, 拼凑, 填写 figure out 算出; 理解; 想出,弄明白

settle 指排除犹豫、怀疑和争论之后作出明确的最终结论.solve普通用词,含义广,指为有一定难度的问题找到满意的解法或答复.figure out[英] [fi aut] [美] [fj at] 计算出,解决;弄明白;合计;再看看别人怎么说的.

get across: 让自己的观点清晰明了;figure out: 想出,解决. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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