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phaseout淘汰的双语对照词典结果:phaseout[英]['fezat][美]['fezat]n.分阶段(或逐步)的停止(或结束、完成等); 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.National average concentrations of lead in the air have fallen 93% since 1980, largely because of the phaseout of lead in gasoline, the epa says. 自1980起,美国空气中铅平均浓度已下降了93%,主要缘于逐步停止在汽油中加入铅,环保署称.

phase-out 英['fez'at]美['fez'at]n. 逐步淘汰;[例句]these pressures help explain why the government 's phase-out plans contain a hint of ambiguity .这些压力有助于解释为什么日本政府的核淘汰计划带有一丝模棱两可的感觉.

phase out 的意思是:逐步淘汰,逐步结束[例句] 1、They began to phase out any remaining ties between gold and currencyvalues.他们开始逐渐摈弃遗留在黄金和货币价值之间的一切联系.2、Some countries have adopted an even more rapid

1.phase in: V. to intriduce something in stages or gradually 逐步采用或实施 The government is going to phase in the new pension scheme over five years,政府将在五年内逐步实施新的退休金计划.2.phase out v. to stop or remove something in stages or gradually 逐步结束或淘汰The bus service to country areas is being phased out通往农村的公共汽车服务正在被逐步取消.希望对你有所帮助.

phase out 使逐步淘汰;逐渐停止

1、数学老师所知道的正弦、余弦函数的周期,是 2π,或它的倍数,或它的分数,中 Distructive.其他情况介于两个极端之间.3、Out Phase就是位相不一致,也不是相差π

in phase:同相(具有波性质的物质)out phase:不同相


The old currency will have been phased out by 2010. 我这个还不对,就没人敢来回答了

out-of-phase 英['at'vf'ez] 美['at'vf'ez] [词典] 脱相,不同相,失相; [例句]The anomalous water vapor transport in drought and flood years is not a simpleout-of-phase relation;旱年和涝年的异常水汽输送不是简单的反位相关系. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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