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amaze vt.使吃惊 Amaze means to shock or surprise someone.My family was amazed at how well I could speak foreign languages.使惊奇及物动词) amazed, amazing, amazes To affect with great wonder; astonish.See Synonyms at surprise

are you prepare to study abroad? yes,i am. and why? i think that is a good chance for me to widen our sight and richen our knowledge. which country would like to go?and do you have a dream school? i want to go to america, my dream school is ~.

overdue是过期的.早该发生的,但还没发生..(一般复合词有DUE出现的,表原因) eg.the rent is now overdue..这房租已属拖欠(还没交) this car is overdue for a service(还没修) 这车早该维修了.obsolete是过时的,淘汰的.已经发生了呢 eg.With technological changes many traditional skills have become obsolete.随着技术革新,许多传统技术已被淘汰..(已经淘汰了)

convince vt.使确信, 使信服;使认识错误(或罪行)

converse [kEn5vE:s] n.相反的事物, 倒, 逆行 adj.相反的, 颠倒的 vi.谈话, 交谈, 认识 converse con.verse 1 AHD:[k…n-vrs“] D.J.[k*n6v*8s] K.K.[k*n6v)s] v.intr.(不及物动词) con.versed,, To engage in a spoken

obsolete[英][bsli:t][美][:bsli:t]adj.废弃的; 老式的,已过时的; [生]已废退的; n.废词; 被废弃的事物; vt.淘汰; 废弃; 第三人称单数:obsoletes现在分词:obsoleting过去式:obsoleted过去分词:obsoleted1This kind of machine is already obsolete.这种机器已经淘汰了.2Already, Google wallet promises to make plastic obsolete.现在谷歌钱包淘汰信用卡的势头已经初现端倪.

Under gray skies and rain of the more old

obsolete inventory过时的库存obsolete[英][bsli:t][美][:bsli:t]adj.废弃的; 老式的,已过时的; [生]已废退的; n.废词; 被废弃的事物; vt.淘汰; 废弃; 第三人称单数:obsoletes过去分词:obsoleted现在进行时:obsoleting过去式:obsoleted以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Washington is marriage becoming obsolete? 华盛顿婚姻是变过时了吗?


nice [nais] adj. 美好的, 和蔼的, 正派的, 细微的, 挑剔的, 精密的, 拘泥的 Nice [ni:s] 尼斯(法国港市) nice nice AHD:[ns] D.J.[nais] K.K.[na!s] adj.(形容词) , nic.est Pleasing and agreeable in nature: 愉快的,宜人的:在性质上 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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