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look out= be careful 小心

留神!照料祝你学习愉快! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢!

第一,look out ( 用於祈使句) 小心; 当心: look out (for sb/sth) 警惕或留心某人[某事物 look sth out (for sb/sth) 寻出某物: look over sth 检阅或检查某事物: look sth over 逐一或逐部分检查某事物 第二,watch `out 戒备, 提防(可能发生麻烦 等)watch out for sb/sth 警惕或注意某人[某事物]: watch over guard for protection or safekeeping 监视;保护;看守


looked for寻找 ,looked up查阅 ,looked at看,looked out of 往的外面看

look out1. 留神;当心;警惕;注意:例句: Look out!There's car coming.当心!汽车来了.2. 朝外看;把头伸到窗外(看):例句: He looked out of the window and saw it was raining.他朝窗外看,发现下雨了.3. 找出;挑选出;搜寻:例句:

look out 小心.比较常用于口头表达.相对于be careful 更多用于平时 的交流 还可以与of 连用.表示从一个位置向外看.比如 look out of the windows.

i looked out of the window我望着窗外例句:1.I looked out of the window. 我朝窗外睃了一眼.2.I looked out of the window but saw nothing. 我向窗外望去,什麽也没看见.3.When I looked out of the window, I saw no one on the street. 当我朝窗外看

英语looked out into中文看着

looked out over the sea, let the wind take away our troubles.汉译:望海远眺,就让风儿带走我们的烦恼吧. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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