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look out的例句

Look out,Here comes the bus.小心,车来了.

Look out! There is danger ahead.当心!前面危险.

look out for 英[luk aut f:]美[lk at fr] 意思是: 搜寻(某人或某物), 试图得到(某物); 留神提防; 语法点为for作为介词(寻找谁谁谁)1.表示“当作、作为”.如:i like some bread and milk for breakfast.我喜欢把面包和牛奶作为早餐.

从.朝外看 Don't look out of the window.

look at .看,look out当心,look …up in the dictionary 查字典,look through翻阅,look after照顾,look like看起来象Look about四处寻找

look out for:搜寻(某人或某物), 试图得到(某物); 留神提防.例句:I felt that I had to look out for myself, because I didn't see that anyone else was going to. 我觉得必须为自己考虑一下了,因为我看不出还有谁会替我考虑.look out of:向外看 例句:She swivelled round to look out of the window. 她转过身去望窗外.

look out v.面朝, 留神, 照料

Look out of the window,please!

look out 小心.比较常用于口头表达.相对于be careful 更多用于平时 的交流 还可以与of 连用.表示从一个位置向外看.比如 look out of the windows.

虽然两个单词都是提防、当心的意思.但LOOK OUT 有两个意思,还一个是向外看:This room looks out on a square.这间房间朝着一个广场. LOOK OUT做“小心”时例句Look out!There's danger ahead!小心!前面有危险!Watch out 好像只有“密切注意”一个意思,且他一般与FOR连用,例句:Watch out for these pictures!(广告用语)注意这些影片上映时间! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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