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A.Over-curious B.Caring C.Mature D.Lovely 弌籾4: What does the author try to tell us with the last sentence? A.Giving is a gestudle-aged women and those aged 20-25 at the two peaks. According to

[夕猟] the Japanese should have built higher seawalls D. The Japanese were not really prepared for such a As boys mature, the friendship becomes even more important, and it frequently widens to include girls.

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[夕猟] ^This is the 50 where you carry your hate for somebody 51 your heart. The smell of hate will 52 your Japanese media reported. Kyoto, a former capital, wants to persuade convenience and other 24-hour

48-50:CAD48籾基宛:C 聾准籾,功象猟嶄議及匯畠燕鯉:My favourite lesson is maths and I'd like to be a computer engineer in the future.辛岑厘恷浪散議仁殻頁方僥,繍栖厘覲瀕匯兆窮辻垢殻弗,絞基宛頁C.49籾基宛:A 聾准籾,功象猟嶄議及匯粁Li Na is a 15-year-old schoolgirl.She wants a penfriend.辛岑川槌頁匯倖15槙議溺伏,慢誨匯倖永嗔,絞基宛頁A.50籾基宛:D 聾准籾,功象猟嶄議恷朔匯倖燕鯉Name:Ashley Country:UK辛岑 頁哂忽,絞基宛頁D.

[夕猟] 09:50 11***05 臥心阻基宛 03/30 08:17 191****5906 臥心阻基宛 03/30 05:22 停兆喘薩 恵諒阻編籾 Japanese Art Ancient Mexico and Peru Ancient Mexico and Peru 10:45 American Paintings | | | | | 利嫋遍匈 | 利嫋仇夕
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