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《don't wanna》歌词翻译 00:02.51 ]范逸臣-不要想 [ 00:08.93 ] [ 00:10.76 ]海角七号电影原声带 [ 00:13.54 ] [ 00:15.54 ]作词:范逸臣作曲:宫尚义 [ 00:20.92 ] [ 00:22.62 ]这么多的时候,我已经试过 [ 00:24.71 ]把我的心脏和灵魂 [ 00:31.62 ]我

回答和翻译如下:I don.t wanna be anything but perfect.我不想要做任何事情,除非这件事情是能够达到完美的程度.

Good Charlotte---I don't wanna be in love She's going out to forget they were together 她远走只为忘却在一起的时日 All that time he was taking her for granted 当他只是把她误当成是恩赐 She wants to see if there's more 而她想知道是不是还有更多

I don't wanna be: 1. 今晚我不想 时 间 记 忆 So don't turn off the lights 所以不要关灯, I don't wanna be 今晚我不想 In the dark tonight 在黑暗中度过.

你好!应该是:I don't wanna be lonely翻译为:我不想孤独寂寞


don'..;t want to be我不想成为

Who needs to feel that way 谁需要那样感觉Who needs those words to say 谁需要说那些词Who wants to give their heart 谁需要把心给他们To watch love fade away 来看着爱消失Cause I made up my mind 因为我决定I didnt wanna know 我不曾想

Look.. I know we been friends for a while now 哎..我们是好朋友已经有一段时间了But, I just feel I can confess to you 我想..我只想向你坦白It's gon' be hard but.. Alright here it goes 这说出口很难,但是、、我必须要说Imagine if the pillow that

Still smiling from yesterday 还在因昨天而微笑 I just woke up and the first thought on my brain,我刚起床时脑中闪出的第一个念头 is you and now I can't wait to see your lovely face 是你,且我迫不及待见到你可爱的容颜 I would do whatever it takes | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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