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Celeste Headlee (born December 30, 1969) is the host of the Georgia Public Broadcasting program "On Second Thought." She has previously been the co-host of the national morning news show The Takeaway, from Public Radio International

戴右边 只要国旗就戴右边我不是军事迷 但现在在美国 host brother是National Guard里的 也给我弄过一套军装 不过一般国旗的确都不是这个方向 修正一下上面答案 刚才去请教了一下专业人士 新式军装上的国旗都改成反方向的了 因为国旗升起的时候是朝右边的 老式军装上的国旗还是正方向的 所以你那个应该是老式的他说你图上那个是Combat Flag 一般属于战争中穿的军装上的 (我觉得这个意思是还比较有价值哈)另外只要是国旗就该戴在右肩 美国也有人一看反着的就戴在左肩上了 这是错误的

楼上雷死我了…host英文原意主人,应该指建立游戏的主机(或者是赛事主办方?可能性不大…)bot必然是飞鞋(Boots of travel)你放在语境里看顺不顺,顺就应该没错了

母国就是home country 东道国就是host county 母国是指跨国企业原来最早的所在地 东道国是跨国企业后来投资发展的地方, 一般为发展中国家.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I take your attention? Thank you! Today I will give a talk about biding to host the national civilized city. With the developing of societal science and technology in the earth which I love deeply, our life becomes more and

To host the world exposition aims to mass education shows through humans may master satisfy civilization needs of means, to show human in a one or more fields through struggle of the progress, or future prospects

To celebrate 60 years anniversary of the motherland, in May 2000 China Children's Center will host "My country, my home," National Children's theme of education activities. This activity a total of ab

CPU Host Frequency 是设置CPU外频的选项.超频时会用到.所谓超频,就是让CPU(显卡、内存也一样,后面省略,仅以CPU为例)工作在高于其额定的频率之下,以榨取其潜力和性能. 超频可以使CPU的性能得到一定的提升,举个例子,把

Dear Mr/Miss Liu, Our class will host a celebration activity of National holiday on Octobor 1 and we would be very pleased if you could attend. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely, classmates of Culture Management Class 1

Editors and reporters of the national radio host credentials.Google翻译很不错的.

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