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gEt on with翻译

get on . with 发音:英[etnwi]; 美[tnw] 意思:继续(干某事);和…友好相处

1,有,对.2,我觉两种都对,翻译还是用get on with.3,get on/along well with sb与某人相处的好,well是副词,所以差应用badly .

get on with 英[et n wi] 美[t n w] [释义] 继续; (干某事) 和…友好相处; [网络] 与某人相处; 继续做; 相处; [例句]with a reduced risk of disk-full errors, you can get on with actually using your system for its intended task. 为了降低磁盘已满错误的风险,实际上,您可能要继续使用您的系统完成它的既定担订曹寡丨干查吮肠经任务. 如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,good luck!

get on with意思是:在…获得成功,与…友好相处;继续干词组:get on骑上(马、自行车等),登上(车、船、飞机等);有进展 get on with与……友好相处;继续干 get over克服(困难等);从(疾病、失望、震惊等)中恢复过来……短语:1、Get it on with 跟某人做爱2、get t on with 继续干 ; 和气相处3、get up on with 在 ; 进步

get on with的意思是继续干某事,详细信息如下:get on with 英 [et n wi] 美 [t n w] 继续(干某事);和…友好相处 例句:People will talk, but you have to get on with your life. 人们会有议论,但日子还得过下去.I'd better leave you to get on with it, then 那我还是让你一个人接着干吧.

Inventor Edison was famous for his great invention.Could human being get on with the nature?Do you know the boy who's standing beside the school gate?We've failed for 100 times, but one day, we will win.Don't disturb me! I'm busy and preparing food for my whole family.

你好!He's getting on well with his studies 比较好吧? get on well with sth/sb 固定搭配啊仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

I will get on with my new classmates.

she can hardly get on well with everyone in her office.望采纳,谢谢!


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