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Any words cannot express my emotion

1. belief n.信仰;信任;信心 believe v.相信 believable adj.可信的 经典例句:His belief is to enter Beijing University for further education. 他的信念是进入北京大学,继续深造. beyond belief无法令人相信;令人难以置信 His story is beyond

歌曲名:Feelings歌手:Johnny Mathis专辑:The Very Best OfFeelingsArtist:Morris AlbertFeelingsNothing more than feelingTrying to forget myFeelings of lovetea dropsrollling dwon on my faceTrying to forget myFeelings of loveFeelingsFor all my

posture多指整个身体的摆放姿势,而 gesture多指(表示思想、感情、表情等的)手势.

convey:(vt. 传达;运输;让与 ) 只有动词词性 deliver :(n. 投球vt. 交付;发表;递送;释放;给予(打击);给…接生vi. 实现;传送;履行;投递) 有名词 及物动词和不及物动词词性.express :(n. 快车,快递,专使;捷运公司vt. 表达;快递 adj. 明确的;迅速的;专门的) 有名词 动词和形容词词性.都有运输送东西的意思,convey 指运输大的多的东西,deliver 交递,递送 文件类的,express则侧重快递,速度.谢谢!

tranmit:及物动词) To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey.See Synonyms at convey See Synonyms at send 1 传送:从一个人、事物或地点传送到另一人、事物或地点;输送参见 convey参见 send1 To cause to spread;

Color is everywhere and for the most part we don't even think about it.But how does new growth and vigor. Then again it can convey inexperience and misfortune. It all

下面这些就不用:drive without regard for/to speed limits 不顾速度限制开快车 * have little regard for the feelings of others 不大顾及别人的感情. have a great regard for sb's judgement 极为尊重某人的判断.I have nothing to say with regard to your

如果翻开一本英英字典的话,可以看到 Transmit的意思是 to send (information, sound, etc.) in the form of electrical signals to a radio, television, computer, etc. (通过电子信号传达信息) to give or pass (information, values, etc.) from one person to

词性不同.each other在语法中被称为相互代词,相互代词(reciprocal pronoun)就是表示相互关系的代词.它与它所指代的名词或代词是一种互指关系,因此它们是复数或者二者以上.英语中的相互代词只有两个,即each other和one another.在正式文体中多用each other指两者,用one another 指两者以上.with each other是介词短语,介词加宾语的结构,是互相的意思.例如:they write letters with each other.他们互相写信.

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