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contradictions是什么意思回答:contradictions 英[kɒntrə'dɪkʃnz] 美[kɒntrə'dɪkʃnz] n. 矛盾(

contradiction什么意思contradiction 表示“矛盾;否认;反驳”,是一个名词。它的动词是contradict,表示“反驳;否定;与…矛盾;与…抵触”。形容词是

“纠结”用英语怎么说?contradictions可以用这个词来说,比如,其实现在我很纠结,就可以说In fact I am full of contradictions.

contradiction是什么意思说n.矛盾; 否认,反驳 变形 复数: contradictions 1.There is a contradiction between the two sets of

矛盾用英语怎么翻译?矛盾的英文:contradiction contradiction 读法 英 [kɒntrə'dɪkʃ(ə)n

contradiction可数吗作“矛盾”讲,可数 矛盾 His speech contained many contradictions.他的话矛盾百出。There’s a basic contradiction in the

帮忙翻译the forced demolition and related social contradictions at some places that probably caused by unreasonable prices have been occ

哪位高手帮我翻译一篇文章(中译英的)6, the students were doing their own should have safety awareness. Contradictions in the encounter between students must be

求教英语翻译!Insurance insurance; reform and opening up Reform and opening up; contradiction contradictions;Insurance fraud rance fraud;

矛盾用英语怎么翻译?内部矛盾:inner contradictions种族矛盾:race conflict排解矛盾:resolve a contradictionThis is an

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