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compete for是什么意思为夺取…比赛;例句:1.Do you and kunal compete for followers?你和kunal会竞争粉丝吗?2.The discovery also reveals how male

用compete for造句回答:compete for“为夺取…而比赛” 造句:these young men competed for the gold medal.(这些年轻人为夺取金牌而比赛。)

compete in,compete for,compete with都各是什么意思?怎么compete in 再某方面竞争compete for, 为了什么 。。。而竞争,compete with 与 某人 竞争

compete forThe two teams will compete for the champion.第二回合他将与老对手竞争。I enjoy sports in which people compete for prizes.

with,compete against, compete for 的意思及区别_百度compete with 与某人一同竞争,后加竞争者 compete against与某人对抗,后加对抗者 compete for为了什么而竞争,后加目地

急!!英语 compete for compete against compete in 各是什回答:你好! 1,为。。。。而竞争,表示竞争的目的。2,和谁竞争,表示的是对手3,在哪项比赛中竞争,后接比赛 希望对你有所帮助,

请大家帮忙造句:compete with /compete for /in case这个国家正与其他国家竞争。(with意思为“和,与”,后面接与之竞争的事物)2. compete for These young men competed for the

compete加什么介词compete后面可以加什么介词?compete for..为…竞争 | 为……而竞争 | 角逐,竞争 | 为竞争compete for..为…

compete的各种词性compete (verb)competition (noun)competitive (adj)competer (noun for person)competitively (

compete with,compete against,compete for 的意思及compete with 与某人一同竞争,后加竞争者compete against与某人对抗,后加对抗者compete for为了 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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