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dust是什么意思?n. 灰尘;尘埃;尘土 vt. 撒;拂去灰尘 vi. 拂去灰尘;化为粉末 n. (Dust)人名;(德、俄)杜斯

校园节约倡议书 英文 80到100字Dear fellow students, Our government is aiming to build a “conservation-oriented society” (节约型社会). I think it i

collect 30 stardust汉语是什么意思你好 collect 30 stardust 翻译成中文是:收集30颗星 如有帮助请采纳,谢谢。

近期美突击检查中国赴美人员党员身份,连入党原因也要and threw them at the bottom of a box to collect dust. he still has a lot of things he wants to

徐冰的作品《尘埃》好在哪些地方?”(As there is nothing from the first,where does the dust itself collect?")均匀而稀薄的灰白色

高考英语单词背什么?collect[kE5lekt]v.收集,搜集;领取;收钱;使(思想)集中 college[5kRlIdV]n.[C](综合大

重复使用教科书的倡议书(英文80字左右)回答:1 As more and more old-growth trees are cut down, and we face the reality of having to wait close to 100

英语短文求翻译……!急求!其他都好说Q口Q看一看许多少年的床底,你很可能会发现一些旧的袜子 还有灰尘 或许还有一本为了避免父母偷看的私密日记。但是一名十七岁的孩子Sara

COLLECT 用英语怎么解释???/Longman Ditionary of American English<朗文中阶英语词典> collect (v.):1)to take things and put them together: I'm still

重复使用教科书的倡议书(英文80字左右)your book, donate it to a library rather than letting it sit on a shelf to collect dust. The | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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