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Bring to 的汉译

bring … to 把……来 带去

bring是把某某带来 take .. to是把某某带到..Please bring him to this office tomorrow. 这里this office就是指说话者的位置,可以用to的.


bring attention to 引起注意 例句:1.Today, it is known as national youth day-a day on which south africans honour youngpeople and bring attention to their needs. 今天,这个日子被视为国家青年节一个南非人尊重年轻人,关注他们需要的日子.

bring意思是“带来”1.bring sth. to sb.=bring sb. sth带给某人某物 Mary brought me a doll yesterday.=Mary brought a doll to me yesterdsay.玛丽昨天给我带来了一个布娃娃.2.bring sth./sb. to sp.把某物带到某地来 You should bring your English here tomorrow.你明天应该把你的英语书带到这儿来.(这里here是个副词,所以省略了 to) 祝你学习进步!

bring out to my best.展现我最好的一面.bring out to (固定词组)呈现出.还有就是楼上的 把某物带到某个地方,带来.please bring the box to me.请把盒子带给我.

暴露和揭露,,类似于expose to


Volunteers would attempt to control the outcome with whatever supernatural forces they could bring to bear on the problem志愿者可以用任何超自然的力量来掌控结果,他们可以对问题施加影响1、bring to bear on 对施压、干预2、你只摘录了这一句话,前后之间的关系只有联系上下文才能知道,problem的意思只有放在文章中才能明白指代的是什么3、with whatever supernatural forces 介词短语,用任何超自然力

bring to mind 想起Something about his face brings to mind an old friend of mine.他的脸让我想起一个老朋友 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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