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BE willing to造句造句回答:I am willing to go on a trip to the US with my parents.

be willing to do sth例句be willing to do sth I am willing to go to school. He was willing to go home. be动词转换am is are 以

【bewillingtodo还是bewillingtodoing】be willing to do 愿意做某事,乐意做某事.比如:He cherishes friendship and is willing to

be willing to do sth8A 第一单元 的Reading 中有下面be ready to do sth 是准备好了去做某事比如:I'm ready to take the challenge.我已经

be willing to do sth=be will to do sth?be willing to do意为“愿意做某事”,主要是强调有做某事的意愿,乐于做某事,何时去做还不确定;

用bad words about和 be willing to do造句?造句: Matt said some bad words about Tom. 马特说了一些关于汤姆的坏话。 She's willing to have a trip.

do sth.和be willing to do sth.造句前者是渴望做某事;如:I'm eager to get full marks in the exams.我希望在考试中得到满分,不现实) 后者是愿意,乐意

be willing to do something是什么意思be willing to do something 愿意做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. They may not be willing to do so. 他们未必愿意这样

be willing to do something造句,谢谢After that,he continued doing his homework. He said that he was willing to help you. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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