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BE rEADy to造句

be ready to do sth造句我准备做晚饭 i'm ready to cook dinner

用be ready to造句回答:我准备做晚饭 i'm ready to cook dinner

【bereadytodo造句】We are ready to face the challenge.我们已准备好面对挑战.He is ready to give a speech

用“be ready to do”造一个英语句子be ready to do 乐意做某事; 准备做某事 You should be ready to do what it takes, no matter what it would be

be ready to do造句We are ready to face the challenge. 我们已准备好面对挑战。 He is ready to give a speech. 他准备演讲 希望采纳

put ..into造句,be ready toput into【放进】 例一 You need to put some effort into studying. 你应该在学习上多放进一些精力。(就

Be ready to do sth 造句加翻译I'm ready to go to school.我已经准备好去学校了。

用be ready to do stlo 造句回答:很多啊。比如 I'm ready to play basketball with my friends.

七年级英语造句be read to七年级英语造句be ready to 分析:be ready to准备(做某事),be要根据主语还有时间来变化的 造句:I am ready to go | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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