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BE FAmous For造句

be famous for的用法,造句be famous for :是以..而著名的意思,如:Gui Lin is famous for its beautiful sights.(桂林以它美丽的风景而

【befamousfor的用法造句】be famous for意为“因为…而出名”,后接出名的原因,如:Now York is famous for its high

be famous for造句,注中文!Guangzhou is famous for its food.广州因他的食物而出名

famous-befamousfor/as/to区别?造句什么意思?最好能分别be famous as 后一般跟 人,表“做为。。。人而闻名”be famous for 后一般跟事物 ,表“因/由于

用be famous of造句可以造句,但是,be famous of 不是什么固定搭配,这一点要懂。下面给你造句: He is the more famous of the two

be famous for(to ,as, with,as)的用法及区别词义: famous for 因…而出名,以…著称,后一般跟事物 famous as 作为…而闻名,后面

用be famous for 造一个从句,宾语从句或者定语从句都行回答:be famous for…因…而著名 He is famous for what he is good at.他在他擅长的领域很出名。 宾语从句

用"be famous for"造句China is famous for its tourism.

be famous for sth造句请用以下短语造句 after all 终究,毕竟 be famous for sth.因……而著名 / 出名 be famous as sth.以(某种身份 / 职业)而出名 It seem | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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