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Far away from home 不好意思!您知道了告诉一声,谢谢!

way在这里是副词,是“远远地, 大大地, 非常”的意思.

always on the way 一直在路上 双语对照 例句:1.Don't tell me that, because I'm always on the way to the truth 别再跟我说着说那,因为我也在通往真相的路途上.2.Much like a revolving door, your relationship with your ex is never stagnant-he is always onthe way into your heart or on the way out. 就像旋转门一样,你和老情人的关系从来没有停歇他总是在你心门前徘徊不去.


The boy is always asking the way.


i always see him on my way home.这里不能用 go out of one's way ,这词组是尽可能帮别人的意思.

baidu://music:Steve Green专辑:Always - Songs Of WorshipJordan Pruitt - AlwaysAlwaysI'll take the chance to sayI feel this emptinessWhen you walk awayAnd now I must confessThat it's not the sameWithout you here with meThen the rain goes

always 英[:lwez] 美[lwez,-wz,-wiz] adv. 常常; 总是,老是; 永远,始终; 不断地; [例句]They were gossipy and not always discreet.他们很爱传闲话,而且常常口无遮拦.[其他] 形近词: noways byways anyways

always knew this day would come we'd be standing one by one with our future in our hands so many dreams so many plans always knew after all these years there'd be laughter there'd be tears but never thought that i'd walk away with so

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