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A DAy oFF From work

take a day off work


Celebration, a day off

day off就是休假. 比如: today is my day off.(我今天休假.) I took a day off last week. (我上星期请了一天假) call me when i am off.(在我休假时打电话给我)(off和day off一样的意思) 英语里也有说"i am off today"和我今天休假是一样的意思. day off一般是指短时期的假.

Thursday,June 16th,2011Dear Mr.Johnson,I have to ask for a day off from work tomorrow.I am coughing badly and want to see the doctor.I have done most of the work for the week,I will call the ma

day off

Jack was away from work for a day.Jack took a day off.

你好!旷工---skip work with not valid reason/ absenteeism/absent from work/play hooky打字不易,采纳哦!

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