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I think thAt thErE will BE lEss FrEE timE.求翻译





是宾语从句,作动词predict 预言的宾语,表示预言的内容主语:I谓语:predict宾语:that there will be less free time

1.将会有更少的人口 2.将会有更少的空余时间 3. 人们将会更少的使用地铁 应该是people will use subways less.

i think that the man isn't right.he told me that he hadn't finished his li says he will go to beijing next year.sometimes the boys would play a joke on the girls.he asked for some money from his father.纯手打,望采讷!

women:OK,now i want to hear everyone'spredictions about the futureGirl 1:well,i think there will be more people.women:More pelple?OK.what else?Boy 1:i predic that there

1 Will be pollution won't 2 will be fewer and fewer

Will you be there 你会在那守候我吗 Hold Me 拥抱着我 Like The River Jordan(耶稣在这里找到了他的第一批门徒 ) 就像博大宽广的约旦河 And I Will Then Say To Thee 然后我会对你说 You Are My Friend 你是我的挚友 Carry Me 载着我 Like You

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