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Some drained of wheat form a circle around some small circle. Started people thought it was some child's prank, or the farmers would like to use this to attract tourists. So people began to imitate, but found it impossible to do so. In the British who


1. 被灰色薄雾笼罩 2. 在午饭时候 3. 瞥一眼 凝视 怒视 盯住 4. 被见到 5. 盼望某人帮助她 6. 恐惧使它不敢动弹 7. 密切注意 8. 这么糟糕的雾很少见 9. 偿还 10. 被恐惧惊呆 11. 对表达我的感谢 12. 通过报纸/经过邮件与我联系 13. 全球变暖问题 14.

1 - one2 - two3 - three4 - four5 - five6 - six7 - seven8 - eight9 - nine10 - ten11 - eleven12 - twelve13 - thirteen14 - fourteen15 - fifteen16 - sixteen17 - seventeen18 - eighteen19 - nineteen20 - twenty21 - twenty-one22 - twenty-two23 - twenty-three24

1 had a good time 2 do you 3 wants his mother 4 what's worry with you 5 6 spent 2 hours to do 7 read 8 let me look at 9 bought me 10 if you don't come back 11 it's important to 12 to the questions 13 suddenly stopped talking

你好!土豆鸡块:stewed chicken with potato鱼和薯条:fried fish with potato chips自己动手喝些汤:help myself with some soup引我们发笑:make us laugh乡村女孩:country girlsDO A BIT OF HOUSEWORK:做点儿家务TAKEAWAY:(餐,饭)打包COOKING FOOD:做饭APPLE PIES:苹果饼TABLE FOR TWO:可以座二个人的餐桌(二人餐)谢谢!!

1.The children enjoy watching the action films. 2.Be careful when you cross the road. 3.Tom doesn't know the way to hospital. 4.The students are busy writing the homework. 5.China has a long history. (*^__^*) 嘻嘻……,希望满意~~

1.a photo of my family2.have a the weekend4.paly basketball6.visit museums7.walk down the swimming9.vist their the way Art lesson12.look for13.listen to music14.join my party15.go with me16.

寄宿家庭: Lodging family Homestay Host Family The Boarding House 太以至于不能: 餐桌规矩: The custom of the table

invent英音:[in'vent]美音:n'v?nt]及物动词 vt.1.发明,创造He invented a new type of stethoscope.他发明了一种新型听诊器.2.捏造,虚构We must invent an excuse for being late.我们必须编一个迟到的借口. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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