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应该是this is a day this is a day it's time be brave吧Jenifer Lopez 的brave[00:01.43]Brave[00:06.50][00:17.46]It\'s a new day[00:19.36]New day[00:19.90]And it\'s evident[00:21.41]You must\'ve been heaven sent[00:23.55]Something we should be

hello,how you doing ,man my name is Mr bigger i'm still broken die my only train is latter can't you wait that a little longer my message is stronger i wonder if you are going under tic tok tic tok time is running enough just watch your clock life

歌词:got up this morniing on the right side of my bed with all these crazy thoughts screaming through my head i can't wait to see what this world holds for me. oh, it's a new day sailor moon oh, it's a new day and when i see you any time or any place

blue foundation--《my day》的歌词Blue Foundation My Day LyricsAs we're nearer to the end;Here we are againSeems like we're always workingAt this time of yearWe have come a long way, my friendHow many hours we have spentSeems like

Beautiful Now - Zedd,Jon BellionI see what you're wearing, there's nothing beneath itForgive me for staring, forgive me for breathingWe might not know why, we might not know howBut baby, tonight, we're beautiful nowWe're beautiful nowWe're

The King of pop-Michael JacksonThis is it(就是这样)目录 Wanna be startin somethin 你是在挑动事端 Speechless 无言 Bad 糟糕的 Smooth criminal 犯罪高手 Don't stop til you get enough 不要停止 They don't care about us 他们不关心

有点像 Céline Dion 的《This Time》,下面是歌词,你搜来听听看是不是这首歌曲:This Time 演唱:Céline Dion 专辑:Taking Chances One more hour burns So scared of his return But I can't sleep tonight In this hospit light What you call tragedy

Deutschlad sucht den Superstar 的Cry on my Shoulder Some Dude的you were my eveythingRobbie Williams的better manJesse McCartney的beautiful soul ,Because You LiveJames Blunt的You're Beautiful,Same Mistake,Marc Terenzi的Lonely,Love

<Here I am>Bryan Adams歌词:Here I am - this is meThere's no where else on Earth I'd rather beHere I am - it's just me and youAnd tonight we make our dreams come trueIt's a new world - it's a new startIt's alive with the beating of - young heartsIt's

Brave jennifer lopezIt's a new dayNew dayAnd it's evidentYou must've been heaven sentSomething we should be hesitantBut I'm not at allJust feeling more confidentJust using my common senseJust trusting that I'm loving itI can't refuse an offer so

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