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rewarding 是形容词,中文翻译: 有价值的,有意思的 a rewarding job (有价值的职业) 形容词+名词 句子太多了

Yeasterday I was awarded a first prize in the English exam.I know that if I want to keep this place,it is a great challenging for me.This morning all of my classmates elected me as the moniitor.but I never take the higher prize for granted.I don't take the juggle with balls 用球玩把戏 2.She likes to juggle ideas. 她爱动脑筋. 3.If you juggle with your accounts, you'll get into trouble. 你要是在帐目上做手脚,你可要遇到麻烦了. 4.The accountant went to prison for juggling his firm's accounts. 会计因涂改公司的帐目而入狱.

用delicious造句1. She can produce delicious meal from very simple ingredients.她能用简单配料烹调出美味的饭菜.2. The hunter entertained us with venison which was very delicious.猎人拿出了非常美味的鹿肉招待我们.3. The bannock is

1. Skateboards are the latest craze.滑板运动是目前最copy时兴的玩意儿. 2. You will know when you try to skateboard once, I promise that you won't regard.踏上滑板你便知道,我保证你不会后悔. 3. With a skateboard, you can skate on the street.有了溜冰板,你可以在大街上zhidao滑冰了.

persuade造句:Hardly any temptation could persuade the boy to stir abroad after nightfall. 天黑以后,差不多无论什么诱惑也不能引着这孩子到外面去走动走动 解析:句子是语言运用的基本单位,它由词或词组构成,能表达一个完整的意思.

The receptionist recognized him at once接待员一眼就认出他了.He did not think she could recognize his car in the snow他觉得她在雪天里认不出他的车子.A man I easily recognized as Luke's father sat with a newspaper on his lap.我一眼就认出那人是卢克的父亲,他坐在那里,膝盖上放着一份报纸.

inspire in.spire[In`spaIr; inspai]《源自拉丁文“吸气”的意思; cf. expire》及物动词1 a. 鼓舞,激励,使人发奋His bravery ~d us.他的英勇使我们得到鼓舞b. 激发[做…][to]The failure ~d him to greater efforts.失败激发他作更大的努力c. 鼓励做

Respect is important in our daily life.I always devote myself into my favourite job.Literature is one of the most important forms of arts in the world.The average of yesterday's test is 80.I always st

1. 谦虚的,审慎的[(+about)] He's got a drawer full of medals but he's too modest to wear them. 他有满满一抽屉的奖章,但是他很谦虚,从不戴它们. 2. (女性及其衣饰)端庄的;稳重的 She wore a modest bathing suit. 她穿一件不太暴露的游泳衣. 3. 不太大(或多)的;适度的,有节制的 Prices tended to rise year by year, but at a modest rate. 物价年年上涨,但幅度不大.

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