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kiss & tell anastasia a

歌曲名:Dont Wanna See You Again歌手:Brandon Beal

是这个吗?<br>akon - na na na<br><a href="" target="_blank">

搜一下:一首挺欢快的英文歌,女生唱的应该,歌词大概是i dont wanna () left me so

你好 歌曲: I Don't Wanna Believe From everything I've seen,Everything good just goes away I never had a taste of heaven Without a little hell to pay All I ever needed was for someone to give instead of take But something about you makes it right to

就是without you 很经典的一首歌啊奥斯卡金曲啊.

有一首《l don't want to go to school》是The naked brothers band唱的

I Dont Wanna Leave--Lidia Kopania

艾薇儿的girlfriend?开头是hey hey you you i don't like your girlfriendno way no way i think you need a new one

应该是 colors-kenichiro nishihara

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