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描写人物的英语作文 100 0字~~带上中文解释

A friend is a person who can let you feel warm when you are depressed.So I have many friends.But XXX is my best friend.He is as old as me.He taller than me.Basketball is his favorite sport.We are in the same class.He is good at study.So his study

My favourite cartoon character is Garfeild. I think everyone knows him.He is a lazy but funny cat. He was born in a kitchen on 19th.June,1978. His favourite hobby is sleeping and his best friend is the mirror. He likes eating pizza very much.But he

Miss Li is my Chinese teacher. We all like her classes, for she is always very active and has many ways to make her lessons lively and interesting. She is about thirty years old. She is very pretty and young. Her hair is brown and curly(卷发) . Miss

the mid-autumn festival the mid-autumn is a very important chinese festival. it falls on the 15th day of august. a few days before the festival, everyone in the family will help to make the house clean and beautiful. lanterns will be hung in front of the

Linda is my best friend.She is 15 years old. She is a pretty girl with a round face and two big black eyes. She always has a smile on her face.She is taller than I. Every morning, we go to school together.She studies quite well and she's a top student in

He is legend Jeremy Lin from Taiwan, for a typical ABC ( 在美国出生的华人 ).On the season as a top four player, Jeremy Lin will bring to the hitherto unknown height of Harvard University, has made the school in NNAA(美国大学体育总会)

When Bill Gates made his decision to drop out from Harvard, he did not care too much of the result. Gates entered Harvard in 1973, and dropped out two years later when he and Allen started the engine of Microsoft. Many people did not understand

my school green grass shade, green trees and heaven, huagongyelu, this is my school, a full of green heaven and earth. we are in this beautiful world study, life and happiness through each day. wandering in the campus road, lush wutong covered 29

My friend Vivi is a lively and smart girl,she has long black hair and she is a tallest girl in our class.She is warm-hearted and good- looking so that everyone loves her.I'm so glad to make friend with her.I'm out-going too,so we have been good friends

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