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The doctor advised me to be hospitalized for treatment as soon as possible.希望对你有帮助,望采纳,谢谢~

接受我给你提的建议吧用英文说是:accept the suggestion that i mention to you

“接受某人建议”用英语说 accept someone's suggestion

The doctor advised me to hospital treatment as soon as possible

accept my advice

接受某人的建议 用英语可以说是:accept/take/follow one's advice/suggestion/idea例句:I can't follow your advice. nevertheless, thank you for giving it.不能听从你,但是我感谢你说了这番话.

翻译如下:接受某人建议地道的翻译是take one's advice

我们必须去请医生. we need to go to the doctor. 我们必须去请医生. we need to go to the doctor.

提高医疗水平improve the medical level提高医疗水平improve the medical level

根据医生建议,需要院检查并接受治疗.请假时间为两周英语翻译 According to the doctor's suggestion, i need to be checked and accept the i have to ask for leave for two weeks.

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