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typical 同义词: characteristicdistinctiverepresentativesymbolic

As the saying goes,“World noodles in China,Chinese noodles in Shanxi”.In north China's Shanxi province,noodles are main food,and there are many kinds of noodles.For example,traditional sliced noodles,chow mien,floor,and so on.My

typically 副词修饰整个句子,这种情况通常是在.相当于oftenmade by 当然是修饰adjustments前面就这一个名词,还能修饰啥?【俊狼猎英】 欢迎追问

typically 副词修饰整个句子,这种情况通常是在.相当于oftenmade by 当然是修饰adjustments 前面就这一个名词,还能修饰啥?【俊狼猎英】 团队为您解答,欢迎追问

句子应该是少了个空格: Aimlessness has hardly been typical.. has been 现在完成时,been 原形是be动词,be typical, 系动词+形容词,typical 还是形容词.希望能帮到你


我来帮你吧.我查了牛津词典.characteristic:1.形容词性:very typical of sth or of sb's character2.名词性:a typical feature or quality that sth /sb has 希望可以帮到你.

在我印象中,典型的英国绅士总是带着一把雨伞(impression,with) In my impression,a typical English gentleman is always with an umbrella.对我来说,文化背景的介绍是

我给楼主推荐20条英语习语,平时练习口语和写作文都有帮助!1. A bad beginning makes a bad ending.不善始者不善终.2. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit.吃亏的和解也比胜诉强.3. A bad thing never dies.坏事遗臭万年.4.

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