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英文版 冯曦妤--A Little Love greatest as you smallest as me you show me what is deep as sea a little love a little kiss a little heart a little give all of little something these are memories you make me cry make me smile make me feel the love is ture you

i don''t want to say goodbye--teddy thompson*i don't want to say goodbyelet the stars shine throughi don't want to say goodbyeall i want to do is love with youjust like the light of the morningafter the darkness has gonethe shadow of my love is

后街男孩 how did i fall in love with you 歌手:backstreet boys 专辑:black and blue remember when we never needed each other the best of friends like sister and brother we understood, we'd never be,alone those days are gone, and i want so

是Sealed with a kiss Sealed with a kiss Bobby Vinton Though we got to say goodbye For the summer Darling I promise you this I'll send you all my love everyday in a letter Sealed with a kiss Guess it's gonna be a cold Lonely summer But I'll fill

这首歌是 swear it again shane: i wanna know who ever told you i was letting go of the only joy that i have ever known girl, they were lying just look around and all of the people that we used to know have just given up, they wanna let it go but we're still

歌名:e69da5e887aae799bee5baa631333337613834《WITHOUT U feat.4Minute》专辑:《我愿意》作词:Thelma Aoyama、Komei Kobayashi 作曲:YUTA、IKI 歌手:青山テルマ 歌词:It's been so long But I still want you here Let me show

i don't want to say goodbye黑豹乐队专籍:黑豹就这样慢慢走来心里有很多的话不知道又会怎样我真的好想回家天~那么蓝大地也是那么温暖多少熟悉的景象感觉不到是近是远她~在这里静静等候明天来临只能寂寞的一笑回味你我心跳的声音你是否能记起我有最灿烂的笑容曾约好一起奔向梦中最美的地方是谁从远处飘来把我紧抱在怀里再感觉不到悲伤到了最美的地方天~那么蓝大地还是那么温暖多少熟悉的景象出现在我的眼前过去的一切是那么美但我不在为她流泪就是因为有过你曾经在我的身边我才不会太遗憾~~~~离开这一切我不后悔但你知我在牵挂谁?只是因为有过你曾经在我的身边i don't want to say goodbye~!!

是《断背山》的那首吗?Artist: I don't want to say goodbye Title: Teddy Thompson Album: Brokeback Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) I don't want to say goodbye Let the stars shine through. I don't want to say goodbye All I want to do

Heart Attack - Enrique IglesiasLoving you was easyThought you'd never leave me yeah, yeahWrapped around my fingerSee ya when I see you yeah, yeahNow I'm hearing aroundThat you been running aroundI didn't think I'd miss youNow I'm feeling

★never say good bye - yea, whats going on, 2006, mario and nasty,brand new classic,ride with us, its about two guys and hot girls,yo keep it up keep it up,two step with me, come on,lets do it do it do it like this1,2 baby clap ur

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